Pioneer Kit
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TSPROF Pioneer Kit
The TSPROF Pioneer knife sharpening system is a reliable and practical assistant for home knife sharpening. Ease of operation and intuitive arrangement of elements are combined in it with a stylish appearance:

Universal clips allow you to sharpen folding, kitchen, travel knives, and multitools. Depending on the size of the blade, the clips can be moved in the slots of the frame.
The rotary mechanism of the TSPROF Pioneer sharpener helps to maintain the same sharpening angle on both sides of the knife. The flip lever, after setting the required angle, allows you to securely fix the fastening of the rotary unit.
The angle adjustment axis moves smoothly inside the frame milled from an aviation aluminum alloy. With the help of a rubber ring, you can easily track and compensate for the change in the sharpening angle when working with abrasives of various thicknesses.
Thanks to the steel platform, it is possible to work with the Axicube One electronic goniometer (in P2 mode) and other electronic goniometers with a magnetic base.
The abrasive holder is designed for standard abrasive stones with a length of 150 mm, on the form. The spring-loaded stop of the holder will help to quickly change the abrasive.
For the convenience of turning the knife, changing the abrasive, and visual control over the purity of the stone, parking of the abrasive holder is provided.
The wooden ball handle fits comfortably in your hand for better control over the movements of the abrasive.
The abrasive stroke limiter with a damper prevents the abrasive stone from tearing off the knife.

For the convenience of storage, it is provided to remove the frame of the device, as well as fold the case.
Dimensions of the base when folded: 11×12 × 3.5 cm.

TSPROF Pioneer weighs only 1.4 kg – it is the lightest of our sharpening devices. A clamp is used to attach to the table (supplied as a set). The unified base allows the systems to be installed in the K03 profile stand.

Sharpening knives on TSPROF Pioneer is convenient for both left-handed and right-handed, all elements of the device can be placed under the left hand or under the right hand.