Double Clamp

TSPROF Double clamp; securely holds any shape of the blade, ensuring the sponges fit the planes of the knife butt, as well as open access to the blade for processing, suitable for K03 and TSPROF Kadet. The design of the clamps is based on three main elements: the base, flat springs, and clamping jaws. Powerful jaws are connected to the base through flat flexible springs, which provide a universal fit, when installing the knife in the clamp, the springs go from a free state to a tense one, while the rigidity of the attachment increases significantly. Also, the mounting and adjusting screws in the clamp bundle form a rigid geometric system and at the same time, allow you to adjust the clamp to any shape of the blade in a wide range and ensure the symmetry of the installation.

Of the entire line of TSPROF clamps, this type of clamp is the most universal. In contrast to the single clamp, this one has the ability to clamp thin and long blades. Thanks to the two gripping points, the deflection of the blade is eliminated. It is possible to move the clamps independently, along the entire length of the frame. Suitable for table and fillet knives with a narrow spine. However, unlike a single clamp, in a double clamp, the jaws are narrower - 16 mm wide, so it is not recommended to clamp knives with a butt wider than 3.5 mm.

The minimum distance; between the jaws is 40 mm, and the maximum is 130 mm.

Possible to sharpen: chef's, universal, carving, for chopping vegetables, kitchen, hatchets, folding knives.

Recommended knife length: 30-300 mm.

Minimum knife width: 20mm

Sponge width: 16 mm, 2 pcs.

The clamps are adjustable with; 2.5 mm and 3 mm screwdrivers.