Single Fillet Clamp

A special clamp for narrow fillet knives, with a reduced sharpening angle, suitable for K03 and TSPROF Kadet Expert sharpening systems. The thin jaws of the clamp are made of structural spring steel, which provides sufficient clamping force.

The clamp with the modified configuration of the jaws and with the use of special screws has a minimum sharpening angle of 6.5 degree per side.

The minimum width of the knife is 10 mm, the thickness of the spine is 2.5 mm, the angle range is 6.5-32 degrees (for wide knives, the range may vary).

Clamp fasteners are not anodized by default. If you need anodized fasteners, please indicate this in the comments to the order..

Possible to sharpen: knives such as Victorinox; small, folding knives; keychain knives; and other narrow and short knives.

Recommended blade length:50-200 mm.

Minimum blade width: 10 mm

Jaws width: 32 mm.

The clamp is adjustable with 2 mm and 2.5 mm screwdrivers.

We do not recommend to use it for knives with a spine thickness of more than 2.5 mm to avoid damage of the jaws.
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