Whole-Milled Anodized Clamps (2 pcs) for K03 and Kadet

Whole-milled Anodized Clamps clamps are high-strength aluminum alloys with a protective coating and heat treatment. This clamp provides the highest rigidity and stability of the device's operation.

Due to the monolithic design of the clamps, the main advantage of these clamps is the increased resistance to pressure on the abrasive, thereby ensuring the stability of the angles at all stages of operation, from grinding to final finishing. The second distinctive feature is simplicity and comfort during the process; when working with this type of clamp, neither calibration nor adjustment of clamps for different shapes of knives is not required. Also, a convenient and straightforward clamping approach (using one key only) is an important feature.

With these clamps, you can sharpen kitchen, universal, chopping knives, knives for cutting vegetables, hatchets, and folding knives.

  • - Length of clamps: 118 mm
  • - The maximum thickness of the spine: is 7 mm
  • -Recommended blade length: 30-450 mm
  • -Minimum blade width: 15 m
  • -Jaws width: 24 mm,
  • 2 pc.
-For the screwdriver: 2.5 mm.