Small Universal Table 20 mm

The small universal table is suitable for sharpeners with 20 mm clamping frame (TSPROF K03 and the last versions of K02). If you a not sure which sharpener you have, please contact you manager to find out the details. You can use this table to sharpen different cutting tools, the angles of which are sharper than 45°.

The small universal table is equipped with two types of clamps: a short 16 mm jaw and a Y-shaped clamp. Three fastening points are provided for fastening the clamps to the base; this allows you to sharpen the tool with the most complex geometry of the blade. You can use both clamps together or only one of them. The base of the table is one-piece machined without any welds or fasteners. The base is attached to the two frame holders by thumbscrews and pressure-exerting cylinder. Convenient thumbscrews allow you to fasten the table at the required position.

The base can be turned over in the holders, significantly expanding the use of this clamp and increasing table's versatility.

You can sharpen scissors, hairdresser's tools, carpentry tools.