Double Filet Clamp

The clamps securely hold any shape of the blade, ensuring that the jaws adhere to the planes of the butt of the knife, they are suitable for sharpeners Profile and TSPROF Kadet, as well as TSPROF Pioneer. The design of the clamps is based on three main elements: base, flat springs, and clamping jaws. Powerful jaws are connected to the base through flat flexible springs, which provide a universal fit, when the knife is inserted into the clamp, the springs change from a free state to a tense one, while the fastening rigidity increases significantly. Also, the fixing and adjusting screws in the clamp bundle form a rigid geometric system and at the same time allow the clamp to be adjusted to any blade shape in a wide range and ensure the installation symmetry.

A special clamp with a modified jaw configuration and with the use of special screws has a limiting minimum sharpening angle of 6.5 ° per side. Thanks to two grip points, blade deflection is eliminated. It is possible to independently move the clamps along the entire length of the frame.

Suitable for cutlery and fillet knives with a narrow butt.
Clamp jaws are made of steel grade 65G, and springs are made of structural steel 60S2A.

Can sharpen: Kitchen knives, sirloin knives, keychain knives, straight razors, and other narrow long knives.

Recommended blade length: 30-300 mm

Minimum knife width: 10mm

Jaw width: 16mm x 2

Clamp length: 118mm

Clamps are adjustable with 2 and 2.5 mm screwdrivers.