L-adapter for Blitz clamps

Designed to mount standard Blitz and Blitz Pro sharpening clamps on the frame of the swivel mechanism. By positioning the clips with an adapter along the edges of the frame, it allows to further increase its total length by 24 mm*. This expands the possibilities for fixing knives with a large blade length or with a thin and flexible blade in the clamps. When the clips are located in the center of the frame, it allows you to replace a single clip for sharpening the shortest blades.

Each of the adapters is milled from a monolithic aluminum alloy bar. The shape of the adapter repeats the shape of the frame and harmoniously fits into the appearance of the devices. The hole for attaching to the clip has an oval shape, for unification with Blitz and Blitz Pro clips.

The adapter is mounted on the frame of sharpeners: Blitz and Blitz Pro.


L-adapter for clips — 2 pcs.

Screw M3x8, black — 2 pcs.
Screw M2.5x10, black — 2 pcs.

* When clamps with an adapter are located at the edges of the frame of the Blitz Pro sharpener, sharpening is possible at an angle of up to 20°. With a larger sharpening angle, the adapters will prevent the frame from turning.