Abrasive holder guide TSPROF 6 mm, long

The rod is designed for grinding devices Blitz and Kadet of all modifications, as well as TSPROF Pioneer. Made of chrome steel, has an increased length (325 mm) compared to the standard (225 mm). By means of a coupling, it is connected to the abrasive holder for bars up to 160 mm long.

The rod allows you to expand the possibilities for sharpening knives with a wide blade, including hunting skinners, as well as kitchen knives and choppers. In addition, it increases the length of the abrasive stroke when using clamps of the K03 Profile device (both solid-milled and spring-loaded) on Kadet machines (all modifications) and TSPROF Pioneer.


Material: steel
Rod length with coupling: 325 mm
Diameter: 6mm

Attention! Not suitable for sharpening system Profile K03.