Convex Ultra 6mm.

Attachment for lens-shaped sharpening of knives “TSPROF Convex Ultra ”

Designed for sharpening devices Blitz, Blitz 360, TSPROF Kadet, TSPROF Kadet Pro, and TSPROF Pioneer. Mounted on an abrasive holder with a rod diameter of 6 mm. Allows you to set any sharpening angle difference from 0 to 90 degrees. The lens is adjusted by bending the two segments of the holder rod relative to each other. The attachment is quickly mounted on the rod and allows fine adjustment of sharpening angles.

The adapter ensures a uniform change in angles across the entire width of the leads, resulting in a radius shape of the lens. As the abrasive moves along the supply from the line of the cutting edge to the butt of the knife, the range of angles changes in the direction of decreasing the angle. The attachment is suitable for any blade thickness.

The nozzle consists of a milled aluminum body and an internal brass cylinder.

To ensure minimal sharpening angles, there are two options for attaching the attachment:
— Horizontally: for TSPROF Blitz, Blitz 360, Blitz Pro devices;
— Vertical: for TSPROF Pioneer, TSPROF Kadet, Kadet Nero, Kadet Pro devices

Laser markings have approximate values ​​for the degree of lens curvature and are not intended for precise angle settings. To accurately set the lens radius, use an electronic protractor.

The nozzle is installed in the gap in the abrasive holder guide and secured with set screws for a 2.0 mm hex key. The mounting holes have a special shape that allows the rod to be secured at three points to eliminate backlash.

To set the angle of curvature, it is necessary to loosen the locking screw for a 3.0 mm hex key and turn the inner cylinder to the required angle.


— Attachment “TSPROF Lens” Ultra, 6 mm
— Hex key 2.0 mm
— Hex key 3.0 mm
— Spring, 2 pcs.

For device
Blitz, Blitz Pro, Kadet Expert, Kadet Pro, Pioneer