Kadet Whole-Milled Clamps

The fully milled TSPROF Kadet clamps securely fix knives with a butt thickness of up to 7 mm. Manufactured from a single block of high-strength aluminum alloy. Clamping takes place by tightening the jaws of the clamp with an M6x16 stainless steel screw. Clamps do not need to be calibrated.

The kit comes with two clips with a width of 20 mm, thanks to two fixation points, the knife is clamped as securely as possible. Suitable for most types of knives, including for sharpening knives with descents. To fix knives with descents from the butt and in the absence of a straight section, you can align the shape of the knife with masking tape.

Clamp length:100 mm.
Minimum angle: 10,5°
Recommended blade length: 30-200 mm.
Clamp width: 20 mm.
The gap between jaws in the free state: is 7 mm.
Maximum spine thickness of a knife: 7 mm.
Size for a wrench: HEX4 hexagon 4.0 mm.
Wrench: included

The clamps are designed for the TSPROF Kadet sharpening system.