L-Attachment for clamps

L-attachment is designed for mounting the standard K03 and Kadet clamps on the turning frame. Positioning the clamps with the adapter on the edges of the frame increases its overall length by 4 cm. This extends the clamping options for knives with long blades or with thin and flexible blades. Positioning the clamps in the center of the frame allows you to replace a single clamp for sharpening the shortest blades.
Each adapter is milled from a single piece of aluminum alloy bar. The shape of the adapter follows the shape of the frame and blends in with the appearance of the sharpener. The hole for mounting to the clamp has an oval shape, matching with clamps of any width.
The adapter is suitable for turning frames of K02 (produced in 2018), all versions of K03, and all versions of Kadet and Pioneer
The set includes:
L-attachment for clamps — 2 pcs.
Screw М5*10, black — 2 pcs.
A hex key, 3 mm — 1 pcs.