Dialux Polishing Paste, Gris, grey, coarse

Dialux Gris polishing paste, designed for stainless steel, has a coarse grain and provides fast removal of metal. Particle size: 32 microns

The paste consists of diatomite. It has the form of a briquet of gray color.

Method of application:

It is necessary to apply the paste without pressure, when applying, the Dialux paste should not crumble or roll off. It is highly not recommended to heat, use alcohol or gasoline to ease the application. During the initial use, the paste may be applied unevenly, but with subsequent application, the paste layer will apply more evenly to the surface. Do not apply a thick layer of paste. Dialux should be applied with a barely noticeable layer, this way ​the polishing efficiency increases.
Abrasive grains in the paste are destroyed during work and reach a minimum size of 2 microns.

It is recommended to use with leather blanks and use different blanks for each type of paste. The paste can also be used with leather on a polishing board.


Composition: diatomite

Briquet dimensions: 3.93х1.18х1.18" inches / 100x30x30 mm

Abrasiveness rate: 1

Weight: 130 grams