The modern rack and pinion hoist TSPROF K03 Pro has a rack with involute (gear) gearing and stepless adjustment and allows you to set the angle with an accuracy of 0.1 °. The body with an increased angle, due to the improved design, makes it possible to sharpen knives in the range of working angles from 8° to 39° and to a total angle of up to 78°.

The movable part is connected to the base with a dovetail, which guarantees the absolute accuracy of setting the angle. And an additional fixation screw allows you to firmly block the lift during peeling. To increase the sharpening angle, an additional lifting rod is used. Now fixing its position has become more convenient: the fixing screw can be installed on both sides of the case. The counterpart of the lift is made of a durable polymer material - polyacetal. It is a high-performance heavy-duty polymer with a density of 1.420 g/cm3. Polyacetal has excellent anti-friction properties, providing excellent smooth running of the rack and pinion lift. Black polymer with high wear and abrasion resistance. It retains its original appearance and smooth shiny surface for a long time. The slider is fastened through a dovetail connection, which eliminates the backlash of the machine during operation, which could affect the quality of sharpening. A steel rail is responsible for the operation of the lifting mechanism. The angle measurement scale is printed on the front side of the slider and makes it possible to visually control their installation.
The lift is supplied assembled. Installation is made instead of a standard lift.
The lift can be installed on the K03 and K01RP models, as well as with the upgrade kit for the K02 Profile sharpener.