Abrasive Storage Box for 8 and 10 stones.

Plywood box for storing sharpening bars.

The box allows you to place 8 or 10 stones for sharpening both on forms and without them, up to 12 mm thick. The maximum size of the bars is 165X12X25 mm.

Box made from high-quality plywood and painted with high-quality varnish.

Ventilation holes are made in the walls and bottom of the box to dry the stones after use.
Small legs raise the box from the table to let it have better air circulation.

The lid of the box opens 114 degrees. The lid is also fixed with small magnets.

Stones stay in the box under 110 degrees for a better view and for better drying.

Small cuts at the back of the box help to stack the boxes to attach to each other.

And the box is designed in such a way that you can get the stone by pressing one finger.

Length:175mm for 8 stones and 205mm for 10 stones
Width: 185mm
Height: 45mm
Material: 5mm plywood