Venev Diamond 150х25х3 B2-01 and OSB 100%

Diamond bars manufactured by Venev Industrial Diamonds Inc. Unlike abrasive stones, diamond bars wear off much less, so it's recommended to use them with hard steel. Suitable for K03 and Blitz and Kadet standard abrasive holders.

The160/125, 100/80, 50/40, and 40/28 are made on an organic bond B2-01. Organic ligament consists of phenol-formaldehyde resins and various compositions based on them. These, during hot pressing, are Bakelized into a solid and sufficiently strong substance that holds the cutting grains in the working layer of the tool. Moreover, such a bundle will be sufficiently strong and vicious, but not rigid enough. To give it rigidity, abrasive grinding powders, such as boron carbide, are added.

The 20/14,10/7, 7/5, 3/2, 2/1, and 1/0 side is made on an improved organic OSB bond. This is a modernized bond, which is based not on a grinding powder, but on a micro-powder of the ACM brand, made of synthetic diamonds of normal abrasive capacity. The difference between the OSB bond and others is that it does not use boron carbide. In addition, the abrasive layer on it is not sintered but is glued to the body of the metal plate. The absence of unnecessary inclusions of other abrasives makes it possible to do softer and finer work. OSB bond is ideal for hard steels at small angles.

The sides are marked with greatness according to the state standard scale.

Stone size:150х25х3 mm (LxWxH)
Size with blank: 160x25x7 mm(LxWxH)
Diamond layer thickness: 3 mm.
Diamond powder concentration:100%

200/160 (F80)
160/125 (F100)
100/80 (F120)
50/40 (F280)
40/28 (F320)
20/14 OSB (F400)
10/7 OSB (F600)
7/5 OSB (F800)
3/2 OSB (F1200)
2/1 OSB (F2000)
1/0 OSB (F2500)

Recommendations for work: sharpen dry or with soap foam or water. To clean the bar from glaring, use water and a brush.
On OSB bond it's better to use sharpening oil for better results!!

These stones suit Blitz, Blitz 360, Kadet, K03, Edge Pro, and Pioneer.