Diamond plates on galvanic bond provide intensive metal removing and can be used for the cutting edge with significant damage (chips, bends etc.).
The set of diamond plates on blanks consists of:
Diamond plate F150 Extra Coarse is used for rough grinding of the edge and by forming the shape of the blade.
Diamond plate F220 Coarse is used for forming the cutting edge.
Diamond plate F400 Medium is used for main sharpening operations and creating the aggressive cut.
Diamond plate F600 Fine is used for pre-finishing of the cutting edge and removing of noticeable marks.
Diamond plate F1000 Very Fine is used for finishing the cutting edge.
They work much more aggresively than stones on organic or metallic bond with the same grain size. It's achieved by protruding diamond grains, whereas grais in organic or metallic bond are suck in the binder and mixed with it. The grain concentration in a layer is 100%. Although it should be noticed that these stones will give in to other stones in duration of work because of thin coating, which will actively remove while sharpening.
You also should remember, that by working with soft steels (up to 58 HRC) these diamond stones will work out faster than by working with harder steels.
Diamond stones on galvanic bond don't require preparing for work (levelling, "cheering up" etc.).
Abrasive dimensions: 4х25х150 mm
150 grit (FEPA-F)
220 grit (FEPA-F)
400 grit (FEPA-F)
600 grit (FEPA-F)
1000 grit (FEPA-F)