NANIWA Professional (Chosera)

Naniwa Chosera Professional is an improved series of Naniwa stones. A magnesium bond material is applied in this series. The Naniwa stones provide such high performance because of the improved formula.

They do not require soaking

Japanese quality

The wear is half compared to the previous Naniwa series

Do not become salted during the working process

High performance

Naniwa Professional is designed for the basic sharpening and fitting of blades that do not require either a large metal removal or repair. The stone is supplied on a blank; it perfectly fits the TSPROF sharpener holder and others. They allow the sharpening of almost any steel with a hardness from 56HRC to 68HRC

Stone dimensions: 152 × 25 × 6 mm
Material: aluminum oxide.
These stones suit Blitz, Blitz 360, Kadet, and K03 knife sharpeners.
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