Kadet Nero Kit
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Manual, precision knife sharpener by TSPROF, a Russian manufacturer known for its heavy, solid, and well-thought product design. The sharpener was initially announced by Wranglerstar. It's like an AK-47 among knife sharpeners. Grind, sharpen and mirror polish your blades professionally like a freehand sharpening guru.
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TSPROF Kadet Nero+
TSPROF® Kadet Nero sharpening system means perfect sharpness of your knives always at the fingertips. Universal clamps allow you to sharpen both folding and large hunting knives.

TSPROF Kadet Nero is anodized in black according to the international Qualanod standard. Anodizing is used to improve corrosion resistance and strengthen the structure of the aluminum surface. This coating method allows the device to maintain its perfect appearance for many years.

All you need for good sharpening in the TSPROF® Kadet Nero sharpener: rotary mechanism, angle range from 8,5 to 28,5 degrees, rigid construction, and absolute precision in every detail.

The TSPROF® Kadet Nero knife sharpener can be taken anywhere, thanks to a well-thought-out system, the main parts of the device may be disassembled and compactly placed in a backpack, on a desktop, etc.

The TSPROF® Kadet Nero+ kit allows you to start sharpening knives without a long poring about what sharpening stone to choose. The kit already includes 5 TSPROF® Diamond plates of different grits, from Extra Coarse to Very Fine. These plates do not require soaking or the use of oil. We also added to the kit a brand Allen wrench for clamps.

Vendor code: TS-KD200011
● Delivery weight: 3100 grams
● Delivery dimensions: 400x260x85 mm (LxWxH)
● Body material: Aluminum alloy
Clamps material: Aluminum alloy
Stand material: Steel
Weight of the device: 2100gram

Sharpening parameters:
● Spine thickness of knives: up to 7 mm
● Blade length: up to 300 mm
● Blade width: 40 mm
● Abrasive thickness from 3 to 15,6mm
● Abrasive length from 10 to 160 mm long
● Minimal sharpening angle: (by the side) 8,5°
● Maximal sharpening angle: (by the side) up to 28,5°

The Kit contains:
● Kadet Body
● Kadet Abrasive holder
● Abrasive holder limiter 6 mm
● Kadet set of whole-milled clamps (2 pcs.) (Length of clamps: 100 mm)
● Diamond plates: 5 pcs (Extra Coarse, Coarse, Medium, Fine, Very Fine)

Five diamond plates with different grittiness are included with the device:
●Extra Coarse (≈F150) - rough grinding which will help to form the shape of the sharpening.
●Coarse (≈F220) - the next stage, after the formation of the grind of the knife. The beginning of the usual knife sharpening
●Medium (≈F400) - removes the toothy edge that appeared in the previous steps.
●Fine (≈F600) - completes the main sharpening. It is enough to cut delicate tomatoes and not get dull from cutting the rope.
●Very Fine (≈F1000) - an even finer fine-tuning of the cutting edge to the state of "hair planing".
This product is warranted for 2 years, starting from the date of the product's purchase.
During the warranty period, the manufacturer is obliged to repair, or replace the whole product or its parts if appear any defects are caused by the poor quality of materials or assembly. This warranty is recognized only if the product was used in accordance with the operating instructions, it was not repaired or disassembled by unauthorized experts, and has not been damaged due to improper handling, and also the complete set of products retained. This warranty does not cover the normal wear and tear of the product. The warranty does not apply to defects resulting from (After the goods have been delivered to the consumer):
Non-compliance with the rules of operation, use of the product for the purposes for which it is not intended. Unskilled installation that resulted in failure of the elements of the product, or led to the poor performance of the product.
Mechanical damage, traces of chemical effects appeared after the transfer to a consumer.
Damaging or product malfunction caused by pets, domestic insects and pests, other people. Locking of the movable elements resulted from the extrinsic objects getting inside.
Non-compliance with the storage and transportation rules.
Unauthorized changes in product design or the installation of parts that are not provided by technical documentation and operating instructions.
Increased wear of the products as a result of product use in production purposes, as well as improper maintenance or improper care.
Changing the appearance of the product does not affect the performance of equipment, due to normal wear and tear.
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