Case for Carrying Abrasive Stones

This bag-case is designed for storing abrasive stones. Abrasives of standard apex size are securely placed in six slots. To protect the stones from chipping and rubbing against each other, the upper part of the compartments is closed with a dense felt interlayer. The two handles of the case make it convenient to carry. The case can be securely closed with a zipper.


Material: nylon, felt
Number of slots: 6 slots
Ventilated: no ventilation
Protection: felt interlayer
Maximum size of stones:160х25х9mm*

Before inserting the stones into the bag, thoroughly clean and dry them.

*The maximum size of the stone without a blank. Keep in mind that the stone with the blank has a greater thickness.
For example; TSPROF CS stones have a size of 150x25x6mm, but the blank has dimensions of 160X25x3mm, the total size of the stone with the blank is 160x25x9mm.
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