Abrasive Storage Box, 6 cells

Wooden box for storing sharpening bars.

The box allows you to place 6 stones for sharpening both on forms and without them, up to 10 mm thick. The size of the bars is 160X10X25 mm.

The stones are securely placed in acrylic lodgments. The box is made of oak. Ventilation holes are made in the walls and bottom of the box to dry the stones after use. The lid of the box opens 90 degrees. The lid is also tightly fixed with a convenient latch. At the base of the box, there are anti-slip plastic legs (bumps). They allow the box not to slide on the surface of the table.

Length: 180mm
Width: 105mm
Height: 50mm
Material: 5mm plywood

Recommendations:  protect from shock loads, store in a dry place, and do not allow water to enter the box.
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