Bori-Lube®, 50ml.



  • Premium Stoning Oil is an ideal lubricant to use with all our molds, die-polishing stones, and coated abrasives. Product features include: Preventing stone loading
  • Allows for more consistent and free-cutting action
  • Nearly odorless
  • Less hazardous than other lubricants such as kerosene
  • Use on the workpiece/tool itself or as a stone pre-soak (remember to separate grits when soaking to eliminate grit cross-contamination)
  • Viscosity: 38/45

Differences between BORI-LUBE 10 Polishing Lubricant and Premium Stoning Oil:

  • Premium Stoning Oil is a petroleum-based lubricant. It is nearly odor free, not harsh on the hands like other oil-based lubricants, such as kerosene, and does not promote oxidization on molds and dies. It is available in Pint and Gallon size containers. 
  • BORI-LUBE 10 is a water-based, surfactant-type lubricant. It is environmentally friendly, odor free, and easy to clean off molds and dies. It is available in Gallon size containers.

Volume: 50ml

Do not use it internally! Not intended for the lubrication of moving parts of mechanisms.
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