Case of the German company WAG with the logo of the "TSPROF", made of high-quality plastic.
The key is the high-strength, reliable, and safe movement of a closed device.
The case for supplying lodgements explicitly designed for the K03 and K03 Pro sharpening devices.

Dimensions: 497 x 411 x 120 mm

The Case has foam cut-outs designed for:

  • The K03 and K03 Pro Body
  • Stone Holder and stone holder with Axicube I and guide rod
  • 1x6-sized stones 150mm.
  • 1x3 Venev Stones 200mm
  • 1x2 Leather blanks 150mm.
  • Small Universal table
  • Metal base
  • Full Set of Allen wrenches 5 pcs
  • Dialux polishing pastes kit 2 pcs
  • Whole milled clamps
  • Single clamp
  • Double fillet clamps
  • Magnifying glass
  • Digital Angle Cube (Axicube One)
  • All types of convex attachment
  • USB cable

Design features:
— Impact-resistant;
— Durable and convenient latches;
— Reliable straight loops;
— Reliable carrying handle;
— High legs provide good stability of the case;
— External protrusions that prevent slipping.

Overall dimensions: 497 x 411 x 120 mm