Equipment: Tempered glass, a set of 4 types of silicon carbide grinding wheels (80, 230, 400, 600 grit.), Silicone legs 5 pcs.

Glass size: Diameter 300 mm, thickness 10 mm.
It is considered universal due to its diameter.
It is suitable for leveling and fine-tuning most abrasive stones, with silicon carbide powder.
Recommendation for use: before starting work, wipe the glass and make sure it is clean.
1. Mark with a marker a grid on an abrasive stone in order to control the leveling result.
2. Pour a small amount of silicon carbide powder of the required gritness onto the glass (see table). There are 4 types of silicon carbide powder in this set.
3. Add water a little, and as moving as the "eight", drive a stone on the surface of the glass, try not to press hard. Add water, for convenience you can use a spray bottle.
Do not allow drying and the formation of a "plasticine" suspension.
4. Be sure to remove the chamfers from the abrasive stone at the end of the work. Turn them a little to an angle of 45 degrees on the glass.

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