Venev (PREMIUM) double-sided diamond 100%,

Double-sided diamond bar of the Venevsky Diamond Plant of the premium series on a flat aluminum plate. The abrasive layer on this plate does not sinter but sticks to the plate body. Already out of the box, this bar is ready for use; it does not require alignment on silicon carbide.

The bar is suitable for basic sharpening.

Side 160/125, 100/80, 50/40, is made on an organic bond B2-01. Organic ligament consists of phenol-formaldehyde resins and various compositions based on them. Which, during hot pressing, are Bakelized into a solid and sufficiently strong substance that holds the cutting grains in the working layer of the tool. Moreover, such a bundle will be sufficiently strong and vicious, but not rigid enough. To give it rigidity, abrasive grinding powders, such as boron carbide, are added.

Side 20/14, 7/5-3/2 is made on the new upgraded OSB bundle. The difference between the OSB bundle and the others is that it does not use boron carbide. In addition, the abrasive layer on it does not sinter but sticks to the body of the metal plate. The absence of extra impregnations of other abrasives makes it possible to do softer and finer work. Already out of the box, such a bar is ready for use; it does not require alignment on silicon carbide. The OSB bond is ideal for hard steels at small angles.

The bar is suitable for pre-finishing sharpening and fine-tuning.

Stone size: 200x35x12 mm. (LxWxH)
Diamond layer thickness: 3 mm.
Diamond powder concentration: 100%

Grittiness: 160/125-100/80 (Grit 100-120)
Grittiness: 50/40-20/14 (Grit 280-700)
Grittiness: 7/5-3/2 (Grit 2500-5000)

Diamond Powder Concentration: 100%

Recommendations for work:
Works with soapy water as well as with oil. The manufacturer recommends working with water or soapy water, but working with oil gives an excellent result without leaving a large amount of aqueous suspension.
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